wolves and other nightmares

wolves and other nightmares

a collection of poetry

by alicen grey


This collection of poetry is an emotional account of one girl’s spiritual evolution in the aftermath of a cultic relationship. Chronicling the highs and lows of her healing process, each poem confronts the residual trauma with courage and lyricism.



These poems sear into the heart and mind, penetrating and vulnerable, ecstatic and bitter, hopeful and disillusioned. A contemporary spiritual journey that leads the author deep down into a terrifying labyrinth of confusion, and slowly out toward a new, painful but hopeful beginning.

– Dan Shaw, author of Traumatic Narcissism:
Relational  Systems of Subjugation

Grey’s imagery, both emotional and visual, paints a vivid picture of the confusion and torment we experience when caught in the spell of a manipulative and destructive relationship. Her use of language is deft, haunting and beautiful.

– Alexandra Amor, author of Cult, a Love Story,  2010 Bronze
Independently Published Book Award winner

This book is about consciousness, about finding the self through the mire of the mundane world. [H]er poems speak to the ‘dark night of the soul’ that everyone goes through in order to reach enlightenment. Her words are clear, and her experiences ring with truth.

 – Shamai Currim, SurvivorShip


With searing words Alicen Grey takes you on an odyssey into the devastations of a soul. The book is immensely powerful and the reader can’t help but to be swept into a cathartic journey, in the end reclaiming their own soul. A work of breadth and depth…. This book is not just about the journey of the author, it’s about the journey of the reader as well, to dark places, yes, but also into self-discovery.

– Roman D., cult survivor