Rape and Sex: Two Sides of the Same Coin

“While we know rape is not-sex to the victim, rape is sex to the rapistThat arousal that rapists experience when raping? Yeah, that’s sexual arousal. You know, lust. Not just some out-of-context, sadistic power-trip with no sexual undertones whatsoever. And rapists orgasm from raping someone, the same way they orgasm from fucking someone. Let’s look at that again: the same act can be experienced as rape and sex simultaneously, depending on whose position you’re in while it’s happening — the victim’s, or the perpetrator’s. Is this not compelling enough reason to stop denying the inherently and obviously sexual aspect of rape?”

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Poetry as Spiritual Practice: An Interview with Alicen Grey | Mickey Z.

I had tried everything to make myself feel better in the aftermath of that nightmare – “happy pills,” self-injury, meditation, support groups, even crystal therapy – but the one thing I had not tried yet was writing about it. The abuse had made me afraid to do the one thing I’ve always been confident doing, because the entire relationship relied on my abuser speaking over me and drowning out my voice. That’s when I knew that the only way to heal would be to reclaim my words.

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