we dance, sedentary, to that
eternal dial-up screech that lives in the teeth
finger puppet friends click clack click clack
life on-demand — you don’t even have to go Outside™
depressed? download sAdBlock for your pop-up problems
and a Guy Fawkes mask for your insecurities

customize your profile
your appearance
your existence
upload evidence of life lived
show them all you’re
not a waste of air

here’s that legacy you always wanted
here comes attention
here comes validation
here comes a message from your ex —
are you sure you want to delete this item?
one weird old tip for fat loss: don’t eat
you’ve got the feed now
what else could you possibly

we’ll be the eye contact you don’t make with your friends
we’ll be the touch your lover withholds
we’ll be
so you don’t
have to