Let’s Talk About (Blank)

local poets + taboo topics + alcohol.
ready? let’s talk!

Let’s Talk About (Blank)
is a bimonthly hybrid group dialogue + showcase featuring local artists.
held at Voodoo Lounge Underground, Brooklyn, NY; powered by Artery.
each event has a fill-in-the-blank theme (such as “Death” or “Love”).
the goal of each event is to open up a casual group conversation around a taboo topic.

next event:
let’s talk about love  (february 9th)

upcoming topics (dates TBD)
let’s talk about  money
let’s talk about  god
let’s talk about  home
let’s talk about  sex
let’s talk about  identity
let’s talk about  justice

past events
let’s talk about  death  (oct. 17)

to be considered as a featured performer:
submit an .mp3 or video of yourself performing WORD ART*
(this includes poetry, spoken word, rap, comedy, etc.)
to wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com with the topic in the subject line.
featured performers are typically chosen 2 weeks before the event.
features are compensated based on ticket sales.

artists who blend WORD ART with other art forms (music, dance, visual art)
will only be considered if the words are the primary focus of their performance.