Alicen Grey featured in Queens Gazette “Local Express”

QG: What was your inspiration behind the creation of GYNX?

AG: I wrote GYNX for so many reasons. Partly to speculate – what would it take to achieve a rape-free world? Partly to stake out space for women in theater – because as we know, theater is historically male-dominated. And partly for catharsis: I had just cut contact with some fringe feminist circles I’d been part of, and on top of that I was between jobs, so I had a lot of free time to think about how I wanted to redefine myself, my politics, my career and my artwork. It was a perfect storm for creating something new and meaningful. But at the same time, writing GYNX was also a casual decision. I’m a curious person. I love trying new things, and I realized I’d never written a play before. So after all of these factors came together, I kinda shrugged and went, “I’m gonna write a dark comedy about castrating rapists. Because why not?”

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GYNX: Meet the Playwright – Alicen Grey!

Hey lovelings! If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve got a play coming out Off-Broadway this August!  It’s about castrating rapists — need I say more?  Please  donate here  to help us make it happen!

In this video, I talk about why I wrote GYNX, the importance of creating women’s spaces, being a feminist artist, and more!

Meet the feminist playwright who’s castrating rapists Off-Broadway


Hey lovelings, I’ve got wonderful news! My upcoming play, GYNX, is starting to get some press. Please check out my interview with Feminist Current, in which I talk about the challenges of being a female playwright, the state of modern feminism, and the necessity of rape-revenge stories like GYNX:

GYNX is a story about women who reclaim the streets from the men who’ve attempted to silence and erase them. So, not only is the process of producing GYNX literally challenging the erasure of women in the arts, but it’s also metaphorically challenging the erasure of women in the world at large.


Pedophile Culture: Derrick Jensen interviews Alicen Grey for Resistance Radio

Derrick Jensen interviewed me about Pedophile Culture (a term I coined in this article) for his podcast Resistance Radio! Please give it a listen:

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The Fifth Column News Interviews Alicen Grey

“Radical feminism is about exposing, understanding and challenging male supremacy. The ultimate goal is to liberate women from patriarchy, not to equalize us with males.

There is an important distinction that needs to be made here. Male power does not come out of nowhere. It is an institutional force, manufactured through an intricate self-feeding web of domination/subjugation-based relations, and maintained with weapons such as war, poverty, and what Andrea Dworkin called “sexual terrorism.”

Women should not want equality to this degree of violence. We should want liberation from it.

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Poetry as Spiritual Practice: An Interview with Alicen Grey | Mickey Z.

I had tried everything to make myself feel better in the aftermath of that nightmare – “happy pills,” self-injury, meditation, support groups, even crystal therapy – but the one thing I had not tried yet was writing about it. The abuse had made me afraid to do the one thing I’ve always been confident doing, because the entire relationship relied on my abuser speaking over me and drowning out my voice. That’s when I knew that the only way to heal would be to reclaim my words.

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