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I AM THE THUNDERBOLT tells the story of a woman who, in an attempt to escape the horrors of being human, decides to become a fearsome goddess instead. Power-tripping hard, she effortlessly ascends to new levels of knowledge and bliss, believing that she’s leaving her old problems behind. But when she falls in love with a fellow god of destruction, their corrosive affair quickly spirals downward, towards something far more horrifying than even omnipotence can save her from: her Self.

Simultaneously hilarious and horrifying, this collection of poetry and prose by award-winning writer Alicen Grey weaves religious symbolism with fabulous language to explore the consequences of power, the paradoxical nature of truth, and the very fine line between insight and insanity.

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A young girl named Julie and her imaginary friends, Moth and Motha, live together in perfect harmony — until one night, when Moth and Motha accidentally fall into Julie’s dream. Now they’re lost in the Unlimits, an elaborate matrix comprised of the all the stories, memories, dreams and imaginations in existence. Before they can return to Julie, their dark-winged guardian angel gives them a single task: to find the Source of the Unlimits. With that, Moth and Motha set out on their quest

But their separation from Julie has created a parallel rift in reality, so every challenge they encounter in the Unlimits affects Julie’s world… and drags Julie closer to her death. Will Moth and Motha find the elusive Source they seek? Or will their attempt to return to their creator be the very thing that destroys them all? In this surreal departure from her former body of work, award-winning writer Alicen Grey spins a dark, whimsical tale about love, truth, divinity, and the soul’s journey back to itself.

Wolves and Other Nightmares

Wolves and Other Nightmares, a collection of poetry by Alicen Grey, is an emotional account of one girl’s spiritual evolution in the aftermath of one-on-one cultic relationship. Chronicling the highs and lows of her healing process, each poem confronts the residual trauma with courage and lyricism. May you find healing within its pages.