Alicen Grey was born and raised in Mount Vernon, NY. At age 12, she was accepted into the prestigious Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. At 13, she “accidentally auditioned” into YoungAtArts, where she received musical theater training from the likes of Seth Numrich (War Horse), Titus Burgess (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), and Monica Yunus (The Metropolitan Opera). In 2015, Grey earned her BA in Creative Writing (cum laude) from Hunter College, having attended as a Muse Scholar. Fortunate to have the support of these programs, Grey relentlessly honed and merged her skills. Today, Alicen enjoys a global audience of readers, has been invited to perform internationally, and has won a wide array of writing awards and competitions.

Grey believes that the personal should never be considered separately from the political; for this reason, she draws much of her creative inspiration from her experiences of both abuse and oppression, and blends memoir into her sociopolitical analyses.  In all of her artistic endeavors — poetic, prosaic, musical and theatrical — Alicen strives to inspire interpersonal connection and deep emotional healing in her audience.

When she’s not doing writer-ly things, Alicen likes to sing, act, paint her face, ask lots of questions, and stare at the moon for unreasonable lengths of time.

(P.S. Her favorite color is electric violet, not grey.)