Let’s Talk About Love | Feb 9 | NYC

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: The second installment in Alicen Grey’s “Let’s Talk About (Blank)” series!

Voodoo Lounge Underground
988 Decatur St., Brooklyn NY
Tickets: $10 – buy here

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s one thing on almost everyone’s mind: LOVE.
But what is Love, anyway?
Let’s talk about it!

Join us for our second poetry showcase / group talk, Let’s Talk About Love! At this event, you will be treated to featured performances by local artists. In between performances, the host will lead group chats on all things related to “love.”

Romance. Bromance. Friends with Benefits. Soulmates. Heartbreak. Dating. Hookup culture. Tinder. Sexting. Monogamy. Polyamory. Cheating. Marriage. Divorce…. NOTHING is off-limits for discussion! So get ready for a night of kick-ass entertainment and candid conversations!

What to expect
Attendees can expect an intimate, casual, lighthearted atmosphere. Please be prepared to engage in the group discussions. (Nobody will be forced to speak up, but participation is highly encouraged.)
Complimentary sweets will be served. Drinks available for purchase.


OCT Friday the 13th: Let’s Talk About Death

Let’s Talk About Death

a night of conversations about death, hosted by Alicen Grey

Death is a universal experience—there’s nothing more human than living and dying!—yet it’s “morbid” or “impolite” to mention death in everyday conversation. Why do we fear, avoid and disparage Death? I want to explore that question, and I want to explore it with YOU. At “Let’s Talk About Death,” you’ll be invited to engage in group discussions and writing prompts between performances by featured artists, and there will be an open mic at the end where you can share what you’ve written.

Erica Buddington  x  Steven Licardi  x  Kelly Isaacs  x  Omri Kadim  x  Arielle Davinger

October | Friday the 13th | 7pm

Voodoo Lounge Underground
988 Decatur St Brooklyn NY

Tickets: $10 online / $12 at the door
Open mic sign-up at 7pm

GYNX Premiere at Thespis Theatre Festival

GYNX is a darkly comedic stage play
by award-winning writer Alicen Grey

MONDAY August 21 @ 6:15pm
FRIDAY August 25 @ 9:00pm
SUNDAY August 27 @ 3:30pm

@ The Hudson Guild Theater
441 West 26 St. (btwn 9th/10th Avenue), New York, NY 10001



as of July 2017

A homeless teen lesbian, a prostituted girl, an underground abortionist, and a former child porn victim are recruited into a rapist castration plot by a mysterious woman named Gynx. Men go into hiding, women take over the streets, and their operation makes global headlines. But when Gynx’s true motives are revealed, the group is forced to question whether they are truly on the side of justice.


 for more info: www.gynxtheplay.com

Alicen Grey featured in Queens Gazette “Local Express”

QG: What was your inspiration behind the creation of GYNX?

AG: I wrote GYNX for so many reasons. Partly to speculate – what would it take to achieve a rape-free world? Partly to stake out space for women in theater – because as we know, theater is historically male-dominated. And partly for catharsis: I had just cut contact with some fringe feminist circles I’d been part of, and on top of that I was between jobs, so I had a lot of free time to think about how I wanted to redefine myself, my politics, my career and my artwork. It was a perfect storm for creating something new and meaningful. But at the same time, writing GYNX was also a casual decision. I’m a curious person. I love trying new things, and I realized I’d never written a play before. So after all of these factors came together, I kinda shrugged and went, “I’m gonna write a dark comedy about castrating rapists. Because why not?”

Read the full interview here!

HiGYNX: A Night of Feminist Fury

LOVELINGS! To generate some hype for my upcoming play, GYNX, we’re hosting a FREE feminist variety show! I’ll be performing poetry. There will be art. There will be booze. And there will be a staged reading of part of GYNX! F*ck yeah!

Saturday July 22nd, 6pm @ TheaterLab NYC




GYNX: Meet the Playwright – Alicen Grey!

Hey lovelings! If you haven’t heard yet, I’ve got a play coming out Off-Broadway this August!  It’s about castrating rapists — need I say more?  Please  donate here  to help us make it happen!

In this video, I talk about why I wrote GYNX, the importance of creating women’s spaces, being a feminist artist, and more!

Meet the feminist playwright who’s castrating rapists Off-Broadway


Hey lovelings, I’ve got wonderful news! My upcoming play, GYNX, is starting to get some press. Please check out my interview with Feminist Current, in which I talk about the challenges of being a female playwright, the state of modern feminism, and the necessity of rape-revenge stories like GYNX:

GYNX is a story about women who reclaim the streets from the men who’ve attempted to silence and erase them. So, not only is the process of producing GYNX literally challenging the erasure of women in the arts, but it’s also metaphorically challenging the erasure of women in the world at large.


APR 23RD: Poetry Reading on Joy of Resistance Radio


A “poetry slam” featuring local feminist poets and spoken word artists.


Sunday April 23rd, 6 – 7 pm

Joy of Resistance: Multicultural Feminist Radio @ WBAI
99.5 FM, NYC

You can listen to the stream live on WBAI.org!


Please tune in to support women artists and independent feminist media! 🙂

“You’re a feminist because I said so!” (also known as Coercive Conversion)

By oversimplifying feminism and defining it as fundamentally good, the feminists in question here are avoiding more nuanced, and necessary, discussions that would actually be far more beneficial to women everywhere. What does it mean to belong to, and/or represent, a movement? Who gets to decide what the movement is all about? And who gets to decide who-gets-to-decide?

Read the full article on Medium


Darlings! I will be a featured speaker & performer in this event!



A panel and performance designed to create a safe space and foster honest dialogue about the often stigmatized topic of mental illness, particularly in connection to the creative experience.

Friday February 10th, 6:30 – 8:30pm
@ Queens Council on the Arts
37-11 35th Ave, Entrance on 37th St. Astoria, NY 11101

Tickets are $5 and in very high demand, so please secure your spot before time runs out!!!  REGISTER HERE.

See you there!