Let’s Talk About Death

Let’s Talk About Death

A night of poetry and conversation.  Hosted by Alicen Grey.

What, or who, is Death? Why does talking about Death make us uncomfortable? How would we be different without it?
At Let’s Talk About Death, the audience will be treated to performances by featured artists. In between performances, Alicen Grey will lead group discussions & writing prompts about the different meanings of Death. At the end of the night, there will be an open mic for the audience to share what they’ve written.

Voodoo Lounge Underground, Brooklyn NY
October Friday the 13th, 7-10pm


TO BE CONSIDERED AS A FEATURED PERFORMER: E-mail an example of your work (a video of you performing is preferred) to wordsofalicengrey@gmail.com with “DEATH” in the subject line. All “word art” is welcome (poetry, spoken word, rap, monologues, comedy, etc). You may interpret “death” as literally or as metaphorically as you wish. Hint: it doesn’t have to be sad/scary/morbid 😉

Deadline: Thursday September 21st


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