Pedophile Culture: Derrick Jensen interviews Alicen Grey for Resistance Radio

Derrick Jensen interviewed me about Pedophile Culture (a term I coined in this article) for his podcast Resistance Radio! Please give it a listen:

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4 thoughts on “Pedophile Culture: Derrick Jensen interviews Alicen Grey for Resistance Radio

  1. Recently a McDonald’s commercial seems to lead us to believe that a boy on the left side of the tv screen and the girl on the right side of the screen have the same interests. They grow in the same way and when they meet he is an adult and she a child. He gives her food and I think he wraps his arm around her in a McDonald’s restaurant booth.
    I think the point is that he ends up being the father and she the daughter. My stomach says there seems to be more than the obvious. My stomach hurts and the obvious is not father and daughter but man and girl.
    I haven’t seen the commercial in a while. Good. There is already enough that makes my stomach hurt.


  2. Thank you Alicen! I am a huge fan of Derrick and his work and think he is one of the brave ones for speaking about the inherent rape and violence embedded in this culture. I am now a huge fan of your work, thanks for giving voice to something so silenced in this culture. I’m a young woman in my twenties as well, and I teach high schoolers . to begin to have a vocabulary and a context for understanding this pedophile culture is hugely important….I see how I’ve been shaped by it and how my young students have been as well.


  3. Hey there, I just read your original article. You brought out some amazing points and it was so validating to me. Society has totally screwed up a healthy image of womanhood being female that it’s hardly recognizable. I can’t stand how stores like Victoria’s Secret are now expanding their “PINK” line (that targets the pre-teen young teen girls) to their own stores. It’s stupid how people lose their minds over a woman breast feeding but they walk by images of women barely dressed, photoshopped, and chopped without a second thought. More change needs to be done to help girls get a healthy self-image based on real beauty not fake mass produced porn influenced shit. I wish I read your article when I was a pre-teen because it would have saved me a lot of grief and anxiety.


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