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Pedophile Culture: Derrick Jensen interviews Alicen Grey for Resistance Radio

Derrick Jensen interviewed me about Pedophile Culture (a term I coined in this article) for his podcast Resistance Radio! Please give it a listen:

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What is GYNX?

GYNX is a darkly comedic stage play

by award-winning writer Alicen Grey.


A homeless teen lesbian, a prostituted girl, an underground abortionist and a former child porn victim are recruited into a rapist castration plot by a mysterious woman named Gynx. Men go into hiding, women take over the streets, and their operation makes global headlines. But when Gynx takes things too far, the group is forced to question whether they are truly on the side of justice.


GYNX is written by a young woman of color (hi!), the five main characters are female, the script explicitly calls for ethnically diverse actors, and the main character is a lesbian. Women, people of color, and lesbians are all demographics that are barely (and unfairly) represented in theater. With this play, I hope to give opportunities to actors from marginalized communities.

GYNX educates the audience about feminist issues such as sexual violence against women, women’s reproductive autonomy, child pornography, lesbophobia, human trafficking, and misogyny in the justice system — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

GYNX passes many feminist media tests with flying colors :

  • The Bechdel Test– there are at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man
  • The Sexy Lamp Test– there are no female characters who could be replaced by a “sexy lamp”
  • The Furiosa Test – it makes people on the internet angry, lol
  • The Babs and Kara Test – the female characters cannot be interchanged; they are unique, complex individuals
  • The Mako Mori Test – every female character gets her own story arc that isn’t about supporting a man’s story
  • The Tauriel Test – there are female characters who are depicted as highly competent at their jobs
  • The Crystal Gems Test  (the ultimate combination of all the above-mentioned tests)



Glad you asked!

I first conceived of GYNX in December 2015, and after months of research, I started the actual writing process in April 2016.

In August, I held a contest to see who could come up with the best name for the vigilantes in the play. The responses were abundant and enthusiastic — and the winner was MJ Valenti, for her entry The Feminazi Five.

Now, 5 drafts later, GYNX will receive its first table reading on October 8th in NYC. The table reading was funded by generous donations to my Patreon Creator fund (THANK YOU EVERYONE!)

After this table reading, I intend to continue developing the script with more table readings, and staged readings. That will require time, energy and money. Lots, of money. As these details unfold, I will create a new crowdfunding platform and reach out for donations. Ideally, I’d produce GYNX independently. That’s a huge undertaking, I know. But I believe in this play with all my heart. I know we can make it happen!

Please check back often for updates on the progress of this production!

My heart is with you, lovelings,


*(By the way, it’s pronounced “jinx.”)


I created a crowdfund to raise money for the first table reading of GYNX, and we reached the first goal in less than 24 hours!

(Technically 9 hours, to be precise.)

I am so, so grateful to the people who eagerly contributed. I honestly didn’t think we’d make that much money, let alone that fast. Looks like people are really excited about this play, huh?🙂

For the time being, I’ve shut down the crowdfund. I may revive it once GYNX has reached the next phase of production: a staged reading. (How exciting!)


See this? This is what a happy playwright looks like. (Happy because of YOU! You rock!)

Thank you for your enduring and enthusiastic support, lovelings. I am working hard to make GYNX the best it can be, and your contributions help tremendously.

(So, what is GYNX?)

How Self-Help Actually Totally Ruined My Life

I continued to practice setting boundaries with various “friends.” Each time, I tried harder and harder to be polite, tactful and non-threatening.

Despite my efforts, phone calls ended in hasty hang-ups. Conversations turned into screaming matches. The most illustrative example was when my best friend of 9 years ended our relationship by silently unfriending me on Facebook – all because I dared ask for a sincere apology after she insulted me.

In two years of setting boundaries, I lost more friends than some people make in a lifetime.

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That’s it, lovelings — the contest is closed. Thanks for participating!

The winner is MJ Valenti for her entry The Feminazi Five.

Now that that’s done, GYNX is on its way to becoming a full production!

You can support GYNX here.

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The Transgender Bathroom Debate is Rape Culture in Action

Liberal feminists tend to fancy themselves, like, totally Conscious or whatever. They know rape culture is a thing, and they are against it. Well, they claim to be. But as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Their behavior in the transgender bathroom debate is no exception.

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now howl

dedicated to these brave womyn. keep on couraging.

i used to be loud.
i used to speak my mind, easy and quick
like a faucet running
used to talk so certain of myself, i chattered
like the leaves of a tree whose
roots go too deep to see, a tree
certain of its own belonging

i don’t remember the first time i was interrupted
or the second,
or third,
or fourth…

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Rape and Sex: Two Sides of the Same Coin

“While we know rape is not-sex to the victim, rape is sex to the rapist. That arousal that rapists experience when raping? Yeah, that’s sexual arousal. You know, lust. Not just some out-of-context, sadistic power-trip with no sexual undertones whatsoever. And rapists orgasm from raping someone, the same way they orgasm from fucking someone. Let’s look at that again: the same act can be experienced as rape and sex simultaneously, depending on whose position you’re in while it’s happening — the victim’s, or the perpetrator’s. Is this not compelling enough reason to stop denying the inherently and obviously sexual aspect of rape?”

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